Rodborough Common

Tuesday 29th May 2012
A somewhat worn male Adonis Blue, resting as the sun fades, but just revealing the striking blue upper-wing
As the weather still remains warm and sunny I went out to Rodborough Common this evening to make the most of it, with cooler conditions forecast by the end of the week. The sun was sinking and throwing the S/SE slopes of Swellshill Bank and Butterrow Hill into increasing shade. There were still some butterflies on the wing though, and many many Forester Moths. Butterflies included at least four Adonis Blues, the individuals allowing close study all looking quite worn. Several Common Fragrant Orchids initially made their presence known by their strong scent, which I noticed whilst stalking an Adonis. Wonderful plants.
Common Fragrant Orchid, Gymnadenia conopsea ssp. conopsea (or will it be a separate species soon, G. conopsea?)


Lovely photo of the Adonis Blue, its not one Ive ever seen before.
Paul said…
Thanks for that.

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