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Gull-fest at Didcot

Saturday 31st October 2009

I spent an excellent day's 'gulling' with Richard and Andy at Appleford (near Didcot), Oxfordshire on Saturday. The target bird was the adult 'Azorean' Yellow-legged Gull, L. michahellis atlantis, which kept us waiting until mid-afternoon, long enough to become very familiar with the gulls on the pit just next to the level crossing. Gulls of particular interest noted were three Caspian Gulls, a first-winter and two third-winters (the third winters were very distinctive with their white head and, small dark eyes), seven Yellow-legged Gulls, an intermediusLesser Black-backed Gull (much darker mantle and smaller than the usual graellsii) and a few 'Scandinavian' Herring Gulls, L. argentatus arentatus (much larger than the other Herrings) . A count of other gulls on the produced 180 Black-headed Gulls, 560 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, eight great Black-backed Gulls, 160 Herring Gulls and a Common Gull. Other birds seen were 15 Red Kites,…


Friday 9th October to Saturday 17th October 2009

I have recently spent a great week's birding on the Isles of Scilly, with a host of fantastic memories and of course, photos.The weather was generally like Summer, with plenty of warm sun nearly every day and very little wind. OK, this did mean that the rarities were a bit thin on the ground, but I didn't mind at all. Being my first time on the islands I was wowed by the place, and whilst some Scilly birding may have been disappointed, I loved every minute. Thanks are due to to Richard, Geoff, Nigel, Stu and Paul T. for their great company and many laughs.
(photo above: St. Martin's from the B. N. Islander)

Friday 9th
After an early start, we arrived at Land's End in time for a search in Nanquidno Valley for a Wood chat Shrike which had been about. That was unsuccessful but we did see two Choughs, plus three Stonechats. After the short (15-minute) flight from the Land's End Aerodrome, we arrived on St. Mary's in the…

Green Woodpecker

Sunday 4th October 2009
A Green Woodpecker in the garden this morning (above), also on Friday a singing male Chiffchaff and again yesterday.