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Pipits and Things

Monday 26th December 2016 to Sunday 15th January 2017
 The wintering Richard's Pipit at Arlingham showed well, eventually, on Saturday morning, catching insects in the winter sunshine. This is undoubtedly the bird that was at Rodley in October, directly on the opposite side of the river.
Occasionally a bird turns up in circumstances so surprising that its origin becomes the subject of much debate, rather than being regarded simply as a vagrant. The Stow-on-the-Wold Blue Rock Thrush is one of these, with dubious credentials, but nonetheless attracts a lot of attention. This adult male is certainly an attractive bird, although they are better shown off in the Mediterranean sunshine. Whatever its origin, I had to see it, and, just for good measure made a return visit in the new year.
After Stow on 29th December I went to Blagdon Lake, Somerset, for the Blyth's Pipit, a bird with somewhat greater provenance. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and after some wait the bird showed n…