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Tuesday 30th September 2014
As I contemplate the repair estimate for my scope - an accumulation of wear and tear culminating in a fault on the focusing - my attention has turned of late to Spiders. My curiosity has been sparked by Collins Field Guide: Spiders - Britain and Northern Eurpoe, a recent birthday gift, and a desire to try and identify the local Araneae (a low-scoring scrabble word that). The author, Michael J. Roberts, isn't big on common names, but I've included here those used elsewhere. I must add, it is an excellent book. Anyway, here are a few pics from the garden and local environs.
 I've also seen a few of these recently - Dark Bush-crickets, one in the garden and several around the canal-side vegetation:
And a couple of local moths I've spotted, the first two in the garden, the third one near the canal:


Saturday6th September 2014
At WWT Slimbridge this morning with Mike and Mark a good selection of birds around, including a GARGANEY, five CURLEW SANDPIPERS, five Ruffs, a Spotted Redshank, five Little Stints and 20+ Black-tailed Godwits from Zeiss Hide, six Common Cranes (presumed GCP birds but too distant to confirm), six Ruffs and six Green Sandpipers from Robbie Garnett hide and a Greenshank from Holden Tower. The pics here were taken with my S4 phone through Mark's scope - my own scope decided to play up and is being sent to the scope hospital.
It was a good birders meet last night at the Fromebridge with a good crew and lots of merriment on the occasion of Andy J's 50th. Below is Jeremy's pic shortly before mass high-fiving the local crew in a random act of bonding.