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Alfred Russel Wallace

Saturday 1st to Saturday 22nd August 2015
I took a wrong turning on my trip to the Brecon Beacons a couple of weeks ago (where the A40 stealthily becomes the A449 at Raglan) and ended up going through the lovely little town of Usk in order to get back on track. So I returned to explore Usk further with Linda on Saturday, and also visited the nearby hamlet of Llanbadoc. Llanbadcoc is the birthplace of Alfred Russel Wallace, who lived here until the age of five. He was born in Kensington House in 1823, and although the house itself is largely hidden by trees, there is a memorial to Wallace at the nearby church to the "Co-discoverer with Charles Darwin of the process of evolution by natural selection".
 I spotted a couple of Orthopteroids near the church:
And a Southern Hawker in Usk town:
And I didn't know there were any windmills in Wales:
I spotted this Harvestman in the garden on Saturday, I think it is of the species Opilio canestrinii (Red Harvestman) - so far one ag…