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Thursday 2nd - Saturday 4th October 2014
No, the village in Devon, not the beverage. It now seems, after days of rain and wind, or fog, that in my few days in SE Devon recently with Linda, we really had the last gasp of summer. A few photos here of this lovely corner of England (going a bit misty-eyed there, sorry about that).

Pink-footed Goose at WWT

Sunday 5th October 2014
Some photos here of the juvenile Pink-footed Goose at WWT Slimbridge allowing close study as it fed/swam/wandered around the Big Pen.

Speckled Bush Cricket

Wednesday 1st October 2014

Linda alerted me to a "strange grasshoppery thing" in the kitchen last night- it was this Speckled Bush-cricket. It's missing a hind leg, but still an impressive insect.