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Mainly Insects

22nd - 31st July 2016
A post of largely insects from the last couple of weeks starts with this Roesel's Bush-cricket above, found at Lower Rea, Quedgeley, on 29th July whilst looking in vain for Andy's Grasshopper Warbler. Also locally, the highlights of a Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey on 24th at Hardwicke included several Essex Skippers.
Some recent garden hoverflies include those below, including several sightings of the big one, Volucella zonaria, which I have also seen recently along the canal tow-path.
Other recent Hoverfly sightings include Leucozona glaucia at Edge Common, another distinctive species. Also at Edge Common last Saturday, butterflies included a single Dark Green Fritillary, 10+ Chalkhill Blues, Small and Essex Skippers and many Marbled Whites. A Spotted Flycatcher was along the woodland edge.