Rose-coloured Starling at Bristol

Saturday 29th November 2014
Rose-coloured side-by-side with Common Starling
The adult ROSE-COLOURED STARLING in Bristol showed well for around 10 minutes on Saturday afternoon from 3.08pm.  I waited for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes in Friary Road, in the Bishopston area of Bristol, almost thinking of giving up as it hadn't been seen for 3 hours. At last it showed, in flight with a small flock of Common Starlings, alighting on a tree top and then on St. Bonaventure's Church roof. A pesky Sparrowhawk then flushed everything, but not before I got some very nice views of a cracking bird in the afternoon sun.
And another
A lovely sunny afternoon showing up the starling's stunning attire nicely
Rear view
Handy starling perch on the roof of St. Bonaventure's
Sparrowhawk - don't go for the one in the hi-vis vest!


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