Barred Warbler and Fungi

Saturday 1st November 2014
Fly Agaric, Silk Wood, Westonbirt
At a range of 250m and with only a cheap back-up scope I have no photo, but what a superb bird the first-winter BARRED WARBLER at Frampton was. Well done and thanks again to Martin for a brilliant find at the Marsh Sandpiper site. The Barred Warbler showed occasionally on Saturday morning in the sunshine as it fed on Hawthorn fruits. The photo below of the view from the canal towpath looking out towards the bushes near the sea wall defences, with the river beyond. The scene was enhanced by two juvenile Marsh Harriers and a pair of Stonechats among the supporting cast and also two late Common Darters still on the wing in the unseasonably warm weather.
The view toward 'Barred Warbler Bush' as it will now be known, 250m away
The afternoon was spent with the family enjoying the autumn colours at Westonbirt Arborteum. I always enjoy looking for fungi here at this time of year and was pleased to find Fly AgaricCommon Puffball and Shaggy Parasol fruiting bodies, among several others not so easy to identify.
Sun through leaves
Common Puffball, Silk Wood, Westonbirt
Shaggy Parasol, Old Arboretum, Westonbirt


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