Temminck's Stint at WWT then Bramblings

Saturday 12th January 2008

On a beautiful sunny day following yesterday's rain and snow I made for WWT Slimbridge to see the Temminck's Stint which turned up with a Little Stint on the edge of the pool in front of the Holden Tower. It fed there for a while before flying off, but I just managed to get a few digiscoped images (above and below). It was tracked by a fellow birder flying in the direction of the far side of the Dumbles, where I managed to re-locate it after a while still with a Little Stint. Also from the Holden, another five Little Stints, the Tundra Bean Goose with the White-fronted Geese and a Yellow-legged Gull.

I then took Andy and Mhairi beyond Dursely to near Uley in search of Brambling, reported earlier this week at Bencombe. The snow was still lying quite thick up on the hills. We eventually located the flock of 40+ Bramblings with 40+ Chaffinches feeding on maize at ST802969 along the B4058 today near Croomes Grove Farm. Also c20 Red-legged Partridges and a Kestrel.

(Photos above of male Brambling and Red-legged Partridge)


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Anonymous said…
ur fuckin hot m8!!! nice pics btw...!!!
Anonymous said…
ur fuckin hot m8!!! nice pics btw...!!!

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