More Bramblings

Sunday 13th January 2008
A very windy, dull and overcast day with rain this afternoon. At Buckholt Wood, near Cranham, I caught up with a very impressive flock of 200+ Bramblings at 1.00pm near Monk's Ditch at SO903133 feeding in the leaf-litter and drinking from pools formed by wheel-ruts along the woodland tracks. Also a Buzzard nearby. Returning home towards Edge I came across another 3+ Bramblings with Chaffinches along Sevenleaze Lane near Podgwell Cottage SO849112.
(Photos: top picture taken at Buckholt Wood at some distance in bad light - but look carefully - the ground is covered with Bramblings! Bottom picture of Brambling and Chaffinch taken at Sevenleaze Lane near Edge)


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