Garden Nestbox Latest and ... Owls again

Wednesday 23rd May 2007
Garden Nest Box Latest
The Great Tit family fledged a couple of days ago, and today the Blue Tits also left the box. One of the Blue Tit fledglings was still present near the nest box, at the bottom of the garden in the evening, and looked as though it had left a bit prematurely (see photo). This presented a worry with several cats (including our own) in the neighbourhood, but it was still being fed by at least one of the parents, and had left by late evening (thanks to Amelia, my eldest, being on cat guard).

I took Linda to look for Owls at Nebrow Hill, where we soon saw a Barn Owl showing well again. On the way back, we saw a Tawny Owl in Longney, sat on the 30mph sign at Chruchend again, and a Barn Owl was sat in the middle of the road by Hill Farm.


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