Sunday 8th April 2007

After nice day out with the family, this evening before dinner I went for a quick drive around Epney and Arlingham when I came across a Sparrowhawk tucking in to a Wood Pigeon in the middle of the road at Overton, near Fretherne (photo: Paul Masters).


richard ford said…
Hi Paul

Nice picture.I think this is an interesting subject.I'm still not convinced that a Sparrowhawk is capable of taking a Woodpigeon, and the only pictures I have ever seen of them eating one have always been on a road.This always makes me think that the Pigeon has been killed/stunned by a vehicle and then eaten by the hawk afterwards.What do you think?
Paul said…
Thanks Richard. I tend to agree, my impression was that the Wood Pigeon had already been killed by a car, and the Sparrowhawk was helping itself to an easy meal.

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