Nesting Garden Birds

Monday 30th April 2007
As the Blue Tit pair continue to incubate their eggs in the box built just for them at the bottom of the garden, I noticed this evening Great Tits going in and out of the sparrow terrace I put up in the Autumn. I hadn't seen sparrows showing any interest, although they are nesting again in the corner of my neighbour's roof. Also, under one of their ridge tiles, the Starling pair have been feeding young for the past few days now. The lovingly crafted Sparrow terrace is mounted on the north-facing gable end at roughly eaves-level. In this position it is out of sight from most of the garden, so I hadn't noticed the Great Tit pair take up residence. Not only that, it became apparent that they were already feeding young! This picture shows one of the proud parents with a tasty morsel in it's beak about to enter the box (photo: © Paul Masters).


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