Richard's Pipit at Selsley Common

Sunday 1st November 2015
Richard's Pipit, Selsley Common
After getting the county tick in the bag in a quick visit on Saturday with Mark, we returned for a longer look at the RICHARD'S PIPIT on Sunday. It took longer to locate on the return visit, but we had good views on and off as it foraged in the long grass, before being flushed by walkers and perching briefly in a tree.
Dix Pips typically prefer feeding in long grass
The long hind-claws can be made out in this shot
This Skylark was less shy
The north end of the common where the Dix Pipit was feeding
Fog cloaked the vale all day
On 17th October I went south of the border with Mark to see the Red-necked Grebes at Waterhay in Wiltshire, and got some good views.


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