The Saul Reed Warbler

Friday 5th June 2015
Use your Emargination (apologies, I couldn't resist that one!)
After  hearing it and seeing it only briefly on Tuesday evening, I went for another look at the Reed Warbler at Saul Junction at lunchtime. It has a very varied song, recalling at times Marsh, but for me it isn't that unusual but interesting nonetheless. It splits it's time singing-wise between the hawthorn bushes and the reeds nearer the path. It seems that when it is in the reeds its song has more of the chug-chug type notes that when it is in the bushes. Perhaps it is auditioning as a Marsh Warbler - but it will never be one :) There is an excellent comparison of Reed and Marsh on the Portland Bird Obs website here which I found extremely useful:
A very obliging bird
A good view of remiges - note the positioning of the emargination (on p3) and claws - long
Posing nicely
Here's a bit of footage with audio:


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