WWT and Dartford

Saturday 3rd January 2015
Dartford Warbler, Pittville Park, Cheltenham
With Andy this morning at WWT we had some good birds for the New Year, despite the damp and gloomy conditions,  including a male Merlin hunting on The Dumbles (thanks Jake for the shout on that one - I didn't see one all last year), a Little Stint on the edge of the Holden scrape, a Whooper Swan in fields to the NE of the centre viewed from the Sloane Tower, a Marsh Harrier on a kill on the Tack Piece, and the Ferruginous Duck still in the Asia Pen.
Distant view of the Merlin at the Dumbles edge
Marsh Harrier on kill, with attendant corvids
Ferruginous Duck - photo taken yesterday morning in brighter conditions
Another pic from yesterday
A Water Rail was showing very well from the Holden Walkway through the viewing-gaps in the wall.

I returned to Cheltenham this afternoon for the Dartford Warbler at Pittville Park where it is still keeping company with a pair of Stonechats in the wildflower-seeded area east of Tommy Taylor's Lane (top photo).


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