Hoodie and Taigas at WWT

Saturday 29th to Monday 31st March 2014
Taiga Bean Geese on The Dumbles
Size comparable to the Greylags they were keeping company with
Larger-billed than Tundra
This bird has a typical Taiga bill pattern, also with some white on the forehead; the bill colour is not as vibrant in colour as the orange-pink of the Greylag in the foreground
The other has a Tundra-like bill pattern, but note the more 'conical' shape
Having missed it on Sunday, I was glad the HOODED CROW was still at WWT on Monday allowing me to catch up with it - a nice addition to my county list; as were the two TAIGA BEAN GEESE which were feeding and dozing in the evening sunshine with Greylags on The Dumbles. Well done to John Budd and Roberta Goodall for finding the Hoodie, and to Colin Butters on the Taigas.
Hooded Crow, 800m distant from Holden Tower

I had great views of singing Willow Tits at Woorgreens on Saturday with Andy, and the GREAT GREY SHRIKE too. One or two Goshawks were distant to the east of Crabtree Hill and a Peregrine flew straight through headed north.
Willow Tit, Woogreens FOD
Great Grey Shrike, Crabtree Hill FOD


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