High Tide

Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd February 2014
The Dumbles at High Tide, Saturday
The high tides this weekend produced some impressive scenes. At WWT Slimbridge on Saturday morning's tide, the Dumbles was completely covered, with the water rising to just a few feet below the sea wall. Two Roe Deer were swimming in the river and another ran in front of the Holden Tower and later back again, with a dog (what's wrong with some people!) in pursuit. The Tack Piece hosted thousands of birds, the highlights being a Greenland White-fronted Goose with c180 Russian White-fronts (later joined by c80 more), three large pale Greylags which looked like migrant birds, five Ruff and three GCP Cranes. The Brent Goose was on the river with the Canadas at high tide; the best birds were two Little Stints which showed well after the tide had dropped on the near edge of the Holden scrape. I also enjoyed watching several Bank Voles scurrying about from Willow Hide.
Looking straight out from Holden Tower at high tide
Another view, this one shortly after high tide, looking north
Greenland White-fronted Goose, Tack Piece
Roe Deer in the river
Little Stint just over the sea wall
Birds start coming in to feed on the freshly exposed Dumbles on the receding tide
The edge of the river eventually became visible as the tide fell
Bank Vole
Great Crane Project Crane from Martin Smith hide
Roe Deer running along the sea wall in front of Holden Tower, after swimming across the Knott Pool

Sunday's tide following the bore flooded the road at Stonebench, and the water crossed the road from the fields in several other places. The tide backed up Dimore Brook too, over-topping its banks alongside the playing field.
The river running down the lane, a hasty retreat was required
Dimore Brook late morning


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