Brünnich's Guillemot at Portland Harbour

Friday 27th December 2013
 I travelled with Mike setting off early to Portland Harbour and arriving at Osprey Quay just as it was getting light. Almost immediately we got a poor, untickable, view of the target bird in silhouette only at 7.50am. And then it disappeared. For three hours. The BRÜNNICH'S GUILLEMOT finally showed at 10.45am by which time we had weathered several squally showers and the ever-present strong westerly wind (at least we were looking east and not into the wind); and as the bird popped up in front of the crowds, driving hail. It was worth it though, what an excellent bird, and what a relief after the long wait. It was even worth the M5 delays on the way back. Other birds included two Great Northern Divers, a Common Guillemot, three Razorbills and c30 Red-breasted Mergansers.

Just a few of the birders present


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