Clouded Yellows in East Devon

Sunday 18th August 2013
Clouded Yellow, nectaring on Lucerne
Linda and I stopped off at Exmouth yesterday in between A La Ronde and Otterton, and my eye was drawn to the quite abundant Sea Holly on the area behind the car park, and also on the dunes across the road. I decided to put some money in the meter and explore further. The area running behind the roadside parking is The Maer, a Local Nature Reserve, as an interpretation board explains. Besides the Sea Holly I also noted Restharrow and Lucerne. I began thinking this looked an ideal place for a certain butterfly. On walking back though after a cuppa, sure enough I spotted a Clouded Yellow dashing by. It soon alighted to nectar on some nearby Lucerne. I then saw another and possibly a third.
The Maer, Exmouth
Sea Holly, one of my favourite wild plants
A striking plant with frosty pale green spiked leaves and lavender-blue flowers


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