More Waxwings

Saturday 15th December 2012
The dove-grey cladding of GL1 makes for a pleasing backdrop
Since 1st when I saw my first WAXWINGS of the season, I have been lucky to see many more. On 8th, four flying overhead at c8.30am whilst I was standing in my garden were a garden tick. Later that morning Andy found c40 at Rea Bridge, and I arrived on my bicycle just as they took to the air and flew north. Then on the morning of 12th, a work colleague told me she had seen  6-8 along Bruton Way near GL1. I had seen these birds on the way to work earlier, though couldn't be 100% sure of the ID at the time as I had been driving past, and wasn't able to check myself during the day. On 13th I checked the area, and 18 were present, coming to feed on small Rowan trees on the central reservation between Asda and GL1. The birds were competing with four Blackbirds and later three Wood Pigeons for the dwindling berry supply. At lunchtime on 14th eight were present, and later Mike saw  around 10 near Go Outdoors just the other side of Barton gates. That brings me to Saturday 15th when Martin reported c80 at at Asda opposite GL1,  so I returned to Asda later in the morning and parked at the south end of the car park. I got out of the car and was surrounded by the 80 WAXWINGS trilling above me in the trees. I watched them for a further hour or so going to feed on the remaining Rowan berries on the trees, and on the ground feeding on fallen berries. I saw two WAXWINGS on Sunday  16th south of The Pilot along the canal in Hardwicke during a BTO Winter Thrush Survey; they were perched on a tree briefly before flying off south. In the garden, up to three Lesser Redpolls have been regular visitors to my nyger feeder. A 'few' photos here of the Asda Waxwings taken on Saturday.
Reaching for some of the last berries still on the tree
Resplendent in the sun
A 'ventral' view
Dodging the traffic
Still lots of berries on the ground
Look what I found
Another posterior shot


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