Adonis and Grizzled

Friday 13th May 2011

Grizzled Skipper
In unpromising conditions of mainly cloud, wind and moderate temperatures , I headed anyway for Breakheart Quarry this afternoon for butterflies. I'm glad I did, the sun did come out for some spells and two Grizzled Skippers were at the quarry, while the scarp of Breakheart Hill had three corking Adonis Blues, plus a Common Blue and a Brown Argus. Also in the quarry Wild Strawberry in fruit and lot's of flowering Lady's Mantle.
Grizzled Skipper:

Adonis Blue:

View from Breakheart Hill:

Wild Strawberry:

Lady's Mantle:

At Stinchcome Hill nearby, it was less sheltered and therefore more windy, but I still saw a good range of butterflies, including five Dingy Skippers, six Common Blues, five Brown Arguses, and four Small Heaths and also a Burnet Companion moth and a Hornet.
View from Stinchcombe Hill towards North Nibley:



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