Weekend Sightings

Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th December 2009

Yesterday I spent most of my birding time BTO Atlas tetradding at Redbrook in the Forest of Dean. Most of the square, SO51F, is in Monmouthshire and bisected by the River Wye; only 21 species were recorded, plus five Fallow Deer, but it should be an interesting area in spring. A drake Goosander was on the Wye at Lower Redbrook in the next tetrad south. I took in another look at the Pomarine Skua at Beachley on the way back (above), though it had started raining by then and the bird was loafing on a rock, no doubt digesting rotting sheep!
Today, the drake Green-winged Teal on the Tack Piece at WWT Slimbridge (above) was the highlight among a huge number of waterfowl and waders there at the moment, plus 1000's of Starlings producing an impressive display at dusk (below).

I also managed to see the first-winter Shag on the Frampton sailing lake (Townfield Lake) on the way, where it was present until 3:00pm at least, resting on the observation raft.


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