Ring-billed Gull plus

Friday 30th May 2008

I left work at 4pm today to get down to Slimbridge WWT in time to see the Ring-billed Gull, which was a welcome sight on the Dumbles (photos above and below, but for some much better photos see Mike's on The Gloster Birder). A real bonus came at 5pm when a Spoonbill appeared in front of the Holden Tower from the right and was just about to land on the pool in front of the hide when it was rather discourteously seen off by a Shelduck. It then headed off north and was last seen going in the direction of Frampton. As I said, that was a real bonus, and has taken my county year list total to 185. I don't think I've mentioned my year list much on my blog, but I'm increasingly hoping I might just crack the magical 200 this year. I've certainly had a run of luck lately, which is what is needed, and it would be a nice achievement. The next 15 will be the hardest though since I have already ticked most of the usual birds, only a few left I can usually bank on such as Whinchat and Curlew Sandpiper. Mark and Andy aren't far behind and it would especially good if we could all join the 200 club in 2008.


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