Pallas's Warbler

Saturday 19th April 2008

The continuing chilly easterly winds yielded a superb Pallas's Warbler today at Frampton. The singing male was found by Nick Goatman at Frampton pools this morning at 10:45am and was present until 12:15 at least when I left with Andy. It was near the pines between the sailing lake and Court Lake cSO752072. It was very elusive for much of the time, and when it was in view it was constantly moving about looking for food. However, it was very vocal and gave sustained bursts of it's beautiful song, reminiscent of Willow Warbler. In fact it appeared to respond when the latter species was singing. Record shots above and below reflect it's nature, preferring to stay among the tangle of bushes and bramble most of the time. It did reveal good diagnostics though and I got good glimpses of the central crown stripe, the lemon rump and the bright yellow eye-stripe (bottom photo). A Nightingale singing nearby was a bonus.


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