Good Weather for Ducks ...

... not quite so good for this Wood Pigeon:

As the wet weather continues, these two images taken at South Lake, WWT Slimbridge, today give a good demonstration of the water-proofing qualities of a duck's plumage. Water is sitting in round droplets on the Mallard's head and body, whilst the poor Wood Pigeon is looking more like I was at that point, complete with slightly despondent countenance. Also on South Lake were two Oystercatchers, an adult Common Tern with two chicks, 80+ Black-headed Gulls, a Teal, several Shoveller, a female Mandarin and around five House Martins.

Earlier in my garden, there were a number of birds taking advantage of the newly replenished feeders including immature Great Tits (five), Blue Tits (three) and House Sparrows. I like to think at least some of these birds were raised in my nest boxes. In this photo of one of the the House Sparrows below, the remnant of it's yellow gape is still just visible.

(Photos: © Paul Masters).


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