Sunday 18th February 2007
Another murky start, the visibility was quite poor when I arrived at the Holden Tower. It gradually improved though and eventually the sun made it through. I finally managed to pin down the long-staying drake Greater Scaup for the year after doubtful sightings on the Frozen North pen. It was clearly visible on the Long Ground Pool, which unfortunately can only be viewed, somewhat distantly, from the Holden Tower. There were very few White-fronted Geese on the Dumbles compared to recent visits and no sign of Bean or Pink-foot, but good numbers still of Lapwing and Golden Plover plus smaller number of Dunlin and two Little Stints. I took a few photos of the birds at the decoy feeding station, and noticed when I got home that one Dunnock had a metal leg-ring, which can almost be read, apparently most of the resident birds sport rings as part of the Constant Effort Site, so I don't think it's come far! (photo: Paul Masters).


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